How I get audio from my computer into Clubhouse

Here’s a small tutorial on my fairly simple setup to feed audio from my computer into the latest hype in social media: Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is the new, popular kid on the social media playground. It’s a voice-based network that’s currently only available on iOS devices. Many are wondering how to get audio from other devices into Clubhouse.

Here’s a short tutorial on how I do it on my Windows PC without a physical mixer and a lot of expensive hardware.
(Note: This is a work-in-progress tutorial. It might change over time.)

Get your voice into your PC

First, you need to connect a microphone to your computer. I use a Røde NT-USB microphone.

Now, you need to get a virtual mixer on your computer. I recommend the free software Voicemeeter Banana.

Setting up your virtual mixer

Once you’ve installed and started the program, you need to set up the audio feed.

  • Add your microphone to Hardware Input 1 and set the channel to A1.
  • Add the channel A1 to the Voicemeeter VAIO on Virtual Inputs.

Then connect a 1/8" cable (common audio jack, 2x male) to the sound output on your computer. Your computer will detect the new device and add it as a new audio device. You can now set the Hardware Out A1 to this audio device (Realtek(R) Audio).

The last step is to change the Windows audio settings to Voicemeeter Input VAIO.

Connect the PC to your smartphone

Finally, we come to the last part: Connecting your PC to your smartphone. You’ll need a small device called iRig 2 to complete that step.

Source: IK Multimedia
  • Connect your 1/8" cable from the computer to the iRig 2. You need a 1/8"-to-1/4" adapter. Use the input with the guitar symbol.
  • Connect headphones to the iRig 2. Use the output with the headphones symbol. There, you’ll hear the Clubhouse audio and the people talking.
  • Connect a second pair of headphones to the 1/4" amplifier output. You need a 1/8"-to-1/4" adapter.

Then, add the 1/8"-to-lightning adapter to the iRig 2 and connect your smartphone.

Congratulations, you’re done!

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