Janosch Troehler

Clubhouse is the new, popular kid on the social media playground. It’s a voice-based network that’s currently only available on iOS devices. Many are wondering how to get audio from other devices into Clubhouse.

Here’s a short tutorial on how I do it on my Windows PC without a physical…

Some love them, and many hate them — the commenting sections on online news sites. There they are rambling, the angry, the mean-spirited, the hating people. A sinister snakepit, somewhere below the articles, where only the dark souls arrive.

Admittedly, this sounds dramatic, layered with some dripping pathos. However, the…

Online debates are often loud, aggressive, and publishers don’t know how to address the problem. Two years ago, the situation on Blick.ch was the same as it is in many newsrooms: The comment section is perceived as a cesspit of hate, trolling, and frankly a waste of time. Nobody felt…

Photo by Thomas Lambert on Unsplash

Before I bother you with my thoughts, I should define sustainability a little bit better. For me, sustainability has three stakeholders: The environment, the economy, and society. Something has to meet the needs of all three stakeholders to be sustainable.

During my thought process, I identified three topics around which…

Janosch Troehler

Change is an opportunity. Product Owner at Blick.ch and learning at Hyper Island.

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